Shit happens, literally! 🙂 Today Vil threw his nice phone in the toilet and killed it.

Vil: “Shit, I just killed my phone! Anyone of you guys have a spare one which you can borrow me for a moment?”

Flatmate one: “Nope!”

Flatmate two: “I do have a phone, but it is locked, you can’t use it with your simcard.”

Vil: “I cold unlock it, no damage done and you can use it later with any network you want.”

Flatmate two” “NO!, I need the phone and don’t ask me for stuff. That’s your problem. I don’t want to be involved in your problems!”

Vil: “Wow, sorry! I was just wondering if a mate could help me out!”

Flatmate two: “We are NO mates! We just know each other, nothing else.”

At that moment we should have realised that the situation is going south, but we couldn’t imagine what to come.

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