Vil got a new job and there he needs to wear long trousers as well, but everyone wears nice clothing, so it’s nothing special and Vil is totally ok with it.

Vil got a response from HR, but this guy over there doesn’t give any advise, instead he wants to talk to Vil’s former HR manager. Why that? Vil asked for advise and now this guy takes his own steps without informing Vil.

Not very convincing and another reason to quit.

Hello U.,

when someone asks for advise, you should give advise and nothing more.
I need to say that I am very disappointed about your way handling this situation,
Job trouble is always serious and a problem of existence and you should be aware of this.
You should help and explain your steps and why they are necessary.
You should keep all persons in the loop and make them a partner in solving the issue.
You didn’t keep me in the loop, neither you gave me any advise I asked for.
I didn’t ask you to talk to anyone without me knowing and that’s not building confidence and trust,
U., I don’t want you to take any further steps. Anyway, I quit the job, so the issue is somehow solved now.
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