More positive content, please!

More positive content, please!

27 Jul 2018 0 By IndyCa

Allrite, we agreed on writing more positive posts. Hmmmm, YEAH, I know something…..

Vil bought absolutely embarrassing Bjoern Borg swimming pants. They are red and white striped and a little bit too short, but they cost only 10 Euro and they are worth it. You should see his skinny pale legs. Priceless.

And a Japanese Mario t-shirt with letters he doesn’t know. Any idea [Positive thinking: Vil chatted online right now with M.M. (not the chocolate!). The letters don’t mean ‘Stupid Tourist’ or ‘noodle soup’. Phew… They mean MARIO!

マ is MA リ is RI オ is O


He is ready to swim with me later and we will see how chill the water will be. 🙂

Vil bought a Staatlotterij ticket.
With our luck, we will believe that we will win the Lotterij sometime. It doesn’t need to be the jackpot, we would be ok with the 2nd price. Three fifty wise invested.