Two weeks ago Vil went for a procedure which normally lasts around thirty minutes, but as always, it was a completely different story. The procedure lasted for five hours and after this, they needed to re-schedule, because they made so much ‘minced meat’ inside Vil that they needed to stop, so we waited for two weeks at our camping spot in Uitgeest for ‘Part-II’ and today was the day. We got up very early and I was brought to a friend of us, while Vil went to the hospital.

He checked in, he got ‘prepared’, for the procedure and at 09:00 he was brought into the theatre and connected to all cables and tubes. Vil remembers the doctor from the last time.

“Hey Doc, how are you? I have a request, can you please get the stone for me? It’s like taking your car to the shop. I want proof of work.” BigSmile.

Then the ‘Sleepy Guy’ arrived and started to send him to the ‘Land of Dreams’.

“Isn’t that Propofol, the stuff which killed Michel Jackson?”

Sleep Guy with a smile:
“Yes, but the guy who injected the stuff wasn’t as professional as me.”

“That’s reassuring.”
Bang! Darkness…

Awake (again!)
Around 12:00 he woke up, got a coffee, had a funny chat with the ‘wake-up-nurse’, she remembered Vil from the last time, and waited for the doctor. After the coffee, Vil was awake and ready for the ‘good news’, the doctor came and Vil already saw in his face that something is wrong, because he was not smiling anymore, looking more …. concerned. You guessed it. There is nothing ‘standard’ in our life.

“I am very sorry, but we weren’t able to perform the procedure as planned. Sometimes the human anatomy is quite complicated and yours is more complicated than usual. We didn’t find the stone and we couldn’t set the stent and the inflammation is still there.”

“What does that mean?”

“We can’t help you here anymore and need to send you to the University Hospital to Rotterdam. There they might be able to help, but you won’t get 100% healthy again, because the inflammation is already chronic and there is no real treatment for that.
I will ask my colleagues which procedure they recommend. There are a few options, but I don’t know if they will help you. In the meantime, we opened everything up and prepared you for further treatment, maybe this will already help you a bit and the pain and nausea will go away and let’s see if you are stable the next weeks.”

“When do I need to go there?”

“We need to wait around six weeks and see what happens, maybe you get better in the meantime. I will have a conversation with my colleagues in Rotterdam and then we make another appointment to decide how we continue.”

Outch ,…

Bottom line: WE ARE SO FUCKED!
Plan A: Work in Amsterdam, have a nice room and a good life, didn’t work out, because he was too long ‘unfit for work’.
Plan B: Walking 2.972 km to Santiago de Compostela is not possible, because Vil will most likely die while trying.
Plan C? We have no f**** Plan C!

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