Indy’s BLOG – Steigenberger? NEVER AGAIN!

Indy’s BLOG – Steigenberger? NEVER AGAIN!

19 Apr 2017 0 By IndyCa

Well, you might think that a hotel like the Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Amsterdam has its procedures in place and that you can enjoy hospitality and good food there. Well, actually the food is very good and tasty, the bed is ok as well, even free fresh fruit everywhere, BUT… (…you remember, there’s always a BUT with us!): WHY THE FUCK WE NEED TO PAY 1.200 EURO? Well, we didn’t need to pay 1.200 Euro for the room, BUT (… again a BUT!) you maxed out Vil’s credit card, despite the fact that Vil told you that his company will pay.

You charged Vil around 640 Euro “security deposit” you never returned (we are still waiting) AND you billed him another 500 Euro for the room itself, because you f***cked up when “unlock” the card.

Last weekend was Easter Weekend and thanks to you we saved a lot of money on drinks, party and food, because we had none! ūüôā