Indy’s BLOG – Squatting Day TWO!

9 Feb 2017 0 By IndyCa

“Knocks at the door!”

Today we woke up with loud banging at the door! …

No One!

When Vil opened the door there was no one. We think it might was the landlord trying to enter the house and  we need to get used to it.


We have still no idea where to go to when they throw us out. The guy who rented us the room bunked off to Athens yesterday, he found a new job there and left us in the house.

For the moment we are ok here and maybe we throw a party on Friday evening? 🙂

  • Energy – CHECK
  • Internet – CHECK
  • Water – CHECK
  • Sun – CHECK
  • Mood – CHECK 🙂

The Owner

Tonight the owner stood in front of the door. Vil told him that we won’t leave and go on the road. we paid our rent to the other guy and we rather wait for the police to arrest us, because then we have food and a warm place. 🙂 He didn’t believe, but Vil is dead serious.


At 1600 Vil will had an interview for a position as Senior Digital Sales Consultant in Amsterdam. Cross fingers. Maybe the force will be with him this time.

So much so for today.