Indy’s BLOG – Renting in Amsterdam

Indy’s BLOG – Renting in Amsterdam

6 May 2018 0 By IndyCa
Here you see the face of GREED!
A room from 695 Euro to 900 Euro within a few minutes.
Legmeerplein Amsterdam
Kamer 9 m2 € 695 incl. g/w/e
My apartment has four EXCLUSIVE, very luxurious rooms in one of the most expensive areas of Amsterdam, which I am renting to highly educated people, mainly expats, working at companies like Tom Tom, Deloitte, Expedia, Ralph Lauren, Colgate, etc. The room in this advertisement comes available again in the beginning of May! My apartment: * has the authentic 1930 building style. * is situated in a very quiet building. * is situated near the fantastic Vondelpark (just a five minute’s walk) and the Leidseplein (just a 20 minute’s walk) * Is on an approximately five minute’s drive from the city ring (A10) The room offers you: * its own entrance through a central hallway. * a wooden floor, bed, central heating, a cupboard, fridge, bureau with chair, a connection for Wifi. * its own towels (3) and your own kitchen cupboard & gear (dishes, glasses, etc.). * Its own bed linen, cushion and videt. * Its own fridge. You will be sharing: * the shower with a toilet, the kitchen with microwave, dishwasher and washing machine. * a balcony facing the south. Extra benefits of the location are: * It is on a 3 minute’s walk from the Hoofddorpplein with a lot of shops (A huge grocery is around the corner) and a bus and tram stop. * It is only on a five minute’s cycle from a metro stop. * A lot of restaurants and cafes are nearby. We have our own whatsapp group for internal communications. The apartment (included your room) will be cleaned by a professional cleaning company 1 time per 2 weeks. Price: 45 euro’s per month. It guarantees you a clean place to live in during your stay at my place! The room is only for one person, for registration additional costs are incurred, Smoking (incl. hash and pot) outside of the building. YOU WILL GET AN OFFICIAL CONTRACT! Are you interested? Please respond a.s.a.p. with your background (education, job, etc.) and motivation. My rooms are very popular due to the unique location (e.g. very near to the Vondelpark and the city center). They can be sold within 12 hours!! You will always get a response from me!
Hi Ronald,

my name is Vil and I found your advert on Kamernet.NL. I was wondering if the room is still available and if a viewing would be possible.Just a few words about me. I am German and I speak English, a little French and Dutch. I am working on the phone for in Sloterdeijk.

I am well travelled, open minded, organized, not very messy, I can prepare a meal, I am quite relaxed, I am some kind of computer geek, but still a human being, good company and I look for a place which I can call home.

I do have a lovely, wonderful and well educated dog with me. She is seven years old and the best dog you will ever meet. 🙂 She rarely barks, is ok with everyone, even cats and she really likes to have company around her. (See the pictures in my profile).

Right now, we are on standby at a friends place, but this in no solution and we could move in today. 🙂

Please contact me via email or phone, skype and whatsapp: +31 / 06 – 401 93 884 to have a chat and arrange a viewing.

Have a wonderful day.
Vil & Indy

Hi Dear People, I have so many response on my very popular room, that I do not have the time to respond to every individual. Because I have so much responses, that I am sure that I ask a too low rent for this room. So there fore I ask you: what is your max budget for rent per month? Please respond very quickly, because this room for rent can be sold within 12 hours! Regards, Ronald
06-05-2018 16:07
Hello Ronald,
you want to have nice tenants or do you want to make as much money as possible? 🙂
I think your 695 is reasonable.
Have a sunny day

 06-05-2018 16:12

Hey Guys, sorry to inform you, but the room for rent has been sold for 900 Euro per month!! Look how popular this room is! 🙂 It is also because of the location if you have the advertisement very well. It is off course because of the perfect location, on a five minutes walk to the Vondelpark and on a 15 minute’s to the Leidse Square/ City Center!!!! It is also AIRB and B alike. BUT the room will be coming available again in May. May be against the same price, but there I am not sure about. It will also be available via AirBandB. But I have not published the room over there on this moment. Many thanks for your responses!!! Regards, Ronald

06-05-2018 16:34
Good for you. You are one of the reasons that living in Amsterdam becomes unreasonably expensive.
{UPDATE 17. Jun 2018]
Email from Ronald weeks later.

Hey Dear People, Due to inadequate responses, I am removing my advertisements over here. But you can still respond. I am going to publish the advertisements of the rooms for rent again over here on Kamernet as per today. But please respond quickly, because I can sell my rooms for rent within 12 hrs. You can find them also on FB. Regards, Ronald Jansen Director/ Owner of LP. Housing Solutions.

ps.: I also have a FB page with the name LP. Housing Solutions. Please subscribe yourself over there!!!!! I also have apartments for rent

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