Indy’s BLOG – House Viewing!…. Vil’s Odyssey!

Indy’s BLOG – House Viewing!…. Vil’s Odyssey!

26 Apr 2017 0 By IndyCa

For 500 Euros you get around 10 square meters space. Ok, there was a balcony, but also loud music from the neighbors. Also an ages old, stained, stinky  mattress (buah!), no desk or wardrobe, but dirt everywhere. A dirty kitchen with no space in the fridge and the cherry on the top, a drunk landlady, too wasted to get up or answer the phone. Seriously. 1830 and there where three empty bottles on the table and a fourth open one. Happy days…..

Ok, price wise 500 Euro is a steal for Amsterdam, but we decided not to go for the cheapest, most crappy option, because we had that already in Barcelona and it suxx.

This is what we found in the internet and might get for a reasonable price in Jan Pieter Heijestraat.

The owner, Geert, is a really cool dude, he is genuine and travelling the world. In the moment he is somewhere in Peru, we had a short chat via Skype and he is a really open and friendly person.

Surely, Vil checked him on Facebook and LinkedIN, he is most likely legit and no Western Union scam.

Hey Geert, you checked Vil and we checked you. There is plenty of scam in this word and there is nothing wrong to be cautious. 🙂 You will be happy to have us as tenants. Thank you for considering <-UpdateSpoiler! 🙂 trusting us.

Tomorrow we will know if Geert likes us as tenants ……!