Indy’s BLOG – Haarlem Landlady gets crazy. FUCK! AGAIN? WHY?

Indy’s BLOG – Haarlem Landlady gets crazy. FUCK! AGAIN? WHY?

17 Apr 2017 0 By IndyCa

Hi there,
Our actual landlord has a medical condition and we can’t stay there any longer AND Vil needs to go to training next week for three weeks. STRESS!

We need to find a place for us ASAP. We are looking for a place for around 1.200 – 1.500 Euro in Amsterdam and surrounding areas. We are registered in the Netherlands, have all papers sorted and Vil can show my working contract (if needed!)

We need a nice and affordable place to stay (preferred furnished). Maybe or own place or a room in a shared flat, we don’t really care, but the place needs to be nice and suitable for a mid-sized Labrador & Border Collie mix.

We are able to pay good money and we expect a good value for this because we are not feeding greedy landlords or any other kind of parasite trying to take advantage of the situation on the market. We don’t need a luxury apartment, but all appliances should work. We will take good care of your property and we will always pay our rent in time.

Let me say a few things before you reply:
– No collection of email address.
– Please, NO Western Union or bank transfer stories.
– No stories with fake keys
– No rip off! ….. Get Lost!
– Cockroaches

A few words about Vil. He is German, speaks also French and English and just relocated from Barcelona to Amsterdam because he found a very nice job for a big software company in the city center.  And there is me, Indy,  a well educated and lovely dog, a labrador/border collie mix.


As soon as possible.

My budget is up to 1.500 Euro

Please send us pictures and your conditions for your property via reply-email or PM. Please include your contact details. We will WhatsApp you if we consider your property.

Thank you