Indy’s BLOG – A place for a few nights? [UPDATE: NO!] [UPDATE: MAYBE!]

Indy’s BLOG – A place for a few nights? [UPDATE: NO!] [UPDATE: MAYBE!]

11 May 2018 0 By IndyCa

Ivan called and he might found a sofa for us for the next few days and we can go there immediately to meet the girl living in the apartment. We went there and first, she agreed to give us shelter for a few days until we can go to Lei’s place, but a few hours later we received a WhatsApp and she told Vil that we can’t stay on her sofa because she fears about her stuff, I might destroy it.

I understand, but that’s never the case. I bit cables only once and the electrical shock was enough. I never put my nose in things I shouldn’t ….. Hmmmm,… maybe except some doggies but….

ARRGHHHHH! You need to imagine, we are not able to find a place for a few days without any issues.


She texted us via WhatsApp and apologized….. And finally she came over to the pub and we met face to fur and I think I made a quite good impression. She is nice and maybe we can stay on her sofa a few nights anyway. Let’s see.

Life is a roller coaster

[UPDATE: We stayed for three days, I destroyed NOTHING and we had a good time. Thank you!]