Waiting, thinking …. realising!

Waiting, thinking …. realising!

14 Jul 2018 0 By IndyCa

The day before yesterday we stayed up all day and went slowly to the camping place because we couldn’t afford any place in town.

Indy: “Good evening my friend. How are you and how did you sleep tonight?”

It’s 18:00 and Vil slept all day, now he is barely awake, sweat wet and looks pretty shit.

Vil: “Hmmm,…. I feel ok. There is no pain or nausea at the moment and let’s hope it will stay like this. You know I feel ok most of the time immediately after wake up, but wait for an hour an I tell you how today will be.”

Vil looks scared and very tired. I can’t even imagine how hard that must be when you don’t know if you end up in the hospital again or have a nice and slow day.

Indy: “Take your medicine and stay easy my friend. Maybe a little food?”

Vil opens a pack of milk boils hot water and prepares a coffee. The sun is still shining, it’s not raining and the birds making noise, actually a wonderful day.

Vil: “Do you want some cookies?”

Indy: “Cookies?, but not the ones the funny lady cooked for me. I still have the runs from her food. Please promise me never to bring me there again.”

Vil: “I know and I promise you will never need to go there again, but at that time I had no other choice. I thought she was nice and she helped us, but in the end, it turned out that she has absolutely no idea what she is talking about.

I don’t want to go too much in detail because I think that wouldn’t be appropriate, but it really sounds cynic, when someone lectures you while lying in the hospital all the time that you can’t live like this. So she really thinks we choose to live like this?

Anyhow, I feel sorry for her because she didn’t even realize how many problems she has. She is a good person and was nice to you and I appreciate that.”

Indy: “Yes it was ok, but she fed me stuff I never ate before, I got the runs from ….

Nice. More shocking, she promised to help you with a shelter for a few days face to face and then she just sent a text like ‘….. ooooh I am sorry, but I have my own problems, you can’t stay even one night in my place.'”

Vil: “Don’t be ungrateful and forgive her, she has more problems than us. We are somehow free and independent, but she is locked up in her problems. I don’t want to change with her.

You know it was not a good day when I went to the hospital, I felt like shit and I am very sorry, but I had no other choice or do you want to go to an animal shelter next time?”

Indy: “Maybe that’s a better option because there I won’t get the runs, they will take care of me and I won’t get sick.”

Vil: “What’s wrong?”

Indy: “Outch,…… I neeeeed to have a shit again, NOW!”

Indy runs out of the tent and hides behind the bushes, then she makes funny sounds and is not very good.

After a while, she returns.

Indy: “Fuck me! Again the runs. Now I can understand how you feel when you are sick. Can you make me a tea, please?”

Vil: “At first let me check you out. Maybe you have ticks or little animals.”

Vil checks Indy’s coat and he finds several big and blood filled ticks, some animals and a badly infected paw.

Vil: “Wow you are worse than me. At first, I will remove the ticks, give you the medicine and bandage your paw. Then a tea for both of us. Something hot. What about some hot meat bouillon for you?”

Indy: “Yeah, some of it with my normal dog food, please!”

Vil heats up some water and prepares the tea and the bouillon. Luckily we still have enough gas to heat up some food.

Indy: “That smells nice.”

Vil prepares the soup and the dog food for me, slowly.

Indy: “So what we gonna do now?”

Vil looks at me, get a deep breath and exhales.

Vil: “I do have a new appointment for the next procedure and I hope they won’t screw it up again. We need to wait here for two weeks until everything is healed up and they can perform another procedure on me. It’s nice here and we will stay as long as possible.”

Indy: “So we can’t start our walk?

Vil looks very sad and he replies silently.

Vil: “Yes, we are stuck, but who cares? It’s safe here on the camping and we are good for another few days.”

Indy: “But the people are already looking at us and wondering what’s going on.”

Vil: “Yes, they do. Let’s hope we don’t spoil their holidays.”

[UPDATE] : We’ve just got a few angry replies via Whatsapp to this post and we want to say the following: We are very happy for every help and we say “Thank You”, but if we would have a friend who was just released from hospital, we would offer him shelter, food and support without any question. You don’t know the whole conversation and we don’t want to go in detail, so please understand that we are disappointed.

[Update2] They went to the vet and I removed all parts regarding.