“Vil, Victor & Indy on the Road!”

[This BLOG is under very heavy construction!
Masses of re-worked posts to be expected soon!]

Hello everyone,

Indy in the bathtubMy name is Indy and this is my BLOG. I am pleased that you found me on the Internet and I hope that you will join us on our journey. Here I write my stories, everything that has happened in the last few years.

The first post from 02/22/2016 to today 03/20/2021, more than five years later and a lot has happened since then. [This BLOG is under very heavy construction! Not all content is visible for now. Masses of re-worked posts to be expected soon!]

At the moment I wrote a lot of “messy” stories, own my own domain and today I’m starting to revise my posts. Maybe I’ll record an audio book too, let’s see.


Here are just a few “hints” as to what you can expect here in this BLOG and who you are dealing with.

So yes. Once there is me. My name is Indy, I am a happy Labrador Border Collie mix and I was born in the South of France in 2012.

And there is Vil, he’s my best friend and human, but that doesn’t matter.

And this is where we write our stories.

tl; dr


  • will be homeless for a few months
  • will sleep long on the beach.
  • will live in a VW Polo for almost a year. So with a gas cooker and so on.
  • are going to squat a house.
  • will make really good friends
  • drive around thousands of kilometers in Europe.
  • and much more

We live longer in …

  • France..
  • Spain ..
  • Germany ..
  • and Holland.

Vil will …

  • always take good care of me.
  • arrested twice.
  • searched several times.
  • really stressed and a gun will be aimed at him.
  • being very close to death several times and ending up in hospital countless times. For a long time, Vil was sometimes really shitty. For years he suffered from an “unexplained condition” and nobody knew what was wrong with him. It started more than thirty years ago and for no reason he suddenly felt sick and from the finest version. I don’t want to share too many details here, but then he wasn’t feeling well at all and he ended up in intensive care not just once more dead than alive. No fun. Almost two years ago he might have finally jumped the shovel, but more on that later.

I’m going …

  • Be Vil’s best buddy.
  • always take good care of Vil.
  • almost kidnapped once.
  • bite a bad man really well once.
    • “Hey, now that I am tall, I consist of 20 kg of pure muscle mass.”

And much more and these are our stories.


I don’t want to annoy you, but if you like my stories, please share them on Facebook and such. Every click helps and we thank you for any support.

So have fun with our stories.

Indy & Vil


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