The cheating cleaning lady in Osterburg

Two years ago, we had to experience the abyss of humanity and to this day we cannot understand how people can behave in such a horrible and anti-social manner.

Each of us comes to a point in our life where everything does not go as planned. Maybe the loss of a job, an illness or some other stroke of fate that throws us off track and in such moments, it is not easy to get back on your feet.

It is great when you have friends around you who catch you and support you, but it becomes horror when people take advantage of these situations of weakness and despair, only seek their own advantage and not shy away from lies and deceit .

Well, we literally managed to get back on our feet, we can enjoy life again, we are happy about every day and we would like to say “THANK YOU!” to our friends and we say to the others: “We change voluntarily the side of the street, if we see you running towards us, because we could throw up, get angry and that’s not good for us. “

Oh yes, and now don’t get too excited, because we all have documents, photos and recordings that clearly prove what kind of person you are and that you ripped off us.

Why didn’t Vil report you right away? Good question! At that time he was unfortunately so busy with his health situation that he had no strength to show you your limits. Today he is restored and would have the strength and desire to expose you, but he will not do it because our time is too good for that.

Enjoy the money you brought us for!

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