Indy’s BLOG – Interview with Indy.

Indy’s BLOG – Interview with Indy.

10 May 2016 0 By IndyCa

Reporter: “Hello Indy, it is a pleasure to have you for an interview.”

Indy: “It is my pleasure.”

Reporter: “You are ‘on the road’. How do you feel?”

Indy: “Well, I am quite relaxed. Driving in the car is nothing new for me, Vil and I we already drove a few times long distances, we take it easy. Vil drives, I sleep and when I wake up, we already arrived.”

Reporter: “That sounds like you enjoy to be on the road.”

Indy: “Yes, I really like it. It is amazing to visit exotic places and meet new people. All these new smells I never experienced before, different colours and the new languages I hear.”

Reporter: “Which languages do you bark?”

Indy: “I am born in France, Vil is German and he also speaks English with me and all these new good smelling dogs bark Spanish or Catalan.I am quite confident that I will pick up Spanish and Catalan within the next days or weeks.”

Reporter: “What are your plans?”

Indy: “Well, all is in the flow right now. We have no real idea where we are going. Maybe Spain, Ireland, The Netherlands or Germany. Vil is looking for jobs all over and right now we just wait for opportunities to arrive.”

Reporter: “isn’t it hard to live on the street?”

Indy: “That depends. Actually, it is a nice feeling being on the road. The sun, the beach and all the new places we see. BUT it’s not easy to plan and there might arrive the situation we need to go and beg on the road.”

Reporter: “That sounds a bit depressing.”

Indy: “You could see it like this and surely it is not easy to live without any security, but we’d rather stay poor in Spain on the road then rot on a sofa in Germany. We have a positive view of life and we enjoy every day we can go to the beach and meet new people. As long as we are together all will be good. I am sure.”

Reporter: “Is there anything you want to say to our reader?”

Indy: “Please support our journey and share your like with us! Come back and read our blog or donate via PayPal. Every little helps!”

Reporter: “Thank you for your time.”

Indy: “Whiff, wuff!”

*This interview was translated by Therese van Nope. She is a Labrador Human translator from Berlin.