Indy’s BLOG – WTF? Why? I am no Pitbull….

Indy’s BLOG – WTF? Why? I am no Pitbull….

8 May 2016 0 By IndyCa

From today on we are not allowed to be together at our “office” in the Dragon Cannabis Club -DCC any more, because I am a dog and some other dogs or respectively their owners made troubles the last days.

It’s always the same. Some fu***** ars***** misbehave and everyone else needs to live with the consequences. Seriously, when will you understand that the problem is most likely not on the dog side of the leash located?

But that was not all with the DCC. Later we figured out that ‘locals’ are not really welcome in the club, because they don’t spend enough money. At this time there were plenty of similar clubs around the common busy places targeting tourists.

There are way better alternatives to have a legal smoke in Barcelona now.