Indy’s BLOG – LIKE hunting Place de Catalunyia ….

18 Jan 2017 0 By IndyCa

Tomorrow we will go “LIKE hunting”!,

we will go to Place de Catalunyia, Ramblas, the beach, Place de Gracia, Gotic Quarter, Born…. We go wherever the tourists are and give out my Facebook Page¬†to collect new Facebook LIKES.

This is a new kind of “begging”. Not asking for money anymore…. Ok, we would take Bitcoin ūüôā and other coins, but our main focus is my Facebook page.


Let’s see how many LIKES we can make in a few hours.



Vil prepared tiny flyers with my Facebook page address and some bigger ones we will stick on the walls.


Sure you know these guys playing an instrument insanely loud in the underground asking for your money. We don’t sing, don’t dance or play any instrument, we are different, we just sit there, wait and collect LIKES.

How many LIKES we can collect a day. Ten, twenty, even more……? No idea. We will calculate the LIKES per HOUR and see if it’s worth.

See you tomorrow in town.