It’s a wonderful day in Amsterdam, the sun is shining and Vil is back home from the hospital. It is such a relief to have him back. We had a long walk in the Vondelpark, enjoyed the smell and I had a very nice bath in the water. “How do feel now? Better?”.

Vil turns around. “Sure I feel better. The sun is shining, I am not in the hospital anymore and the food stays inside.” and smiles at me. “It’s not a nice feeling to be connected to an infusion for days. It doesn’t really hurt anymore, but to be restricted is hell.”

“Boah, too much detail, please and YES, I know how it feels to be ‘connected’, I am a DOG, I am always connected. 🙂 You know we agreed to write our blog way funnier, so please not so dark and no passive aggressive statements. We need followers who read, laugh, share and not jump out of the windows.”

“I like the IT-Crowd”. He still smiles. “Yes, sure. I always try to do my best to find the positive sides, but today it might be a bit complicated.”, grabs his coffee and had a sip. “Shit, HOT!”

“Why would you say that?”, I wonder.

He looks at me and I smell he is not very comfortable. “They made two MRI scans and one shows clearly an ‘issue’ which explains all my issues and can be easily solved with a stent. Jupieeeee, but never celebrate too early. When they made the second scan the ‘issue’ miraculously disappeared and now the doctors are not sure what to do. They know that there is an ‘issue’. I don’t get morphine and Kytilei (or whatever) for days for nothing. But freaking WHERE is the ‘issue’ now and why did it disappear?” He accidentally smashes his glass on the table. “Uhps…., nothing hurt.”

He picks up the glass shards. “Be careful and don’t cut yourself. You are not the luckiest person the last few days and I don’t want to bring you back.”

“Thank you for your concerns. I am ok here.” He smiles at me.

Vil didn’t tell much about the hospital visit, but to be in this place makes him not better and he lost plenty of weight. “And what they gonna do? Did the doctor said anything? What is the plan?”

“They will call me when they decided if they want to perform the procedure prohibitively or not because the ‘issue’ disappeared. I have no idea. If they decide not to place the stent, then I need to wait until the ‘issue’ pops up again and then I need to go to the hospital and hope that they will make an MRI immediately to confirm the ‘issue’ and if not I am screwed.”

“Sounds like to be on ‘death row’. You know it will come, but you have no idea when.”


Vil takes a deep breath and exhales. “Somehow, but for the moment I am alive and nothing hurts. I am hungry.”

“Let’s go for a walk and you can get the nice beef schotel special at Kinkerstraat. Was it Eumer?”

“Naaa, Oemer. Good idea. With double sauce and red special mega sauce. Yummy……”

“What about your stomach? Aren’t you afraid that you might have problems again?”

He shakes his head. ‘First I won’t fill myself up to the brim, but I like it now. Proteins said the doctor and the schotel is with salad as well and second. Let it come, as sooner as better it is.”

“But you never get a schotel for me.”

“You remember the last time you had red sauce?”, Vil is laughing at me. “You rubbed your butt for a few days on the carpet, because it was burning TWICE!”

We both laugh so hard I nearly piss myself and we need a bit of time to calm down. “So you need a miracle or a Doctor House?”


[UPDATE: The nice doctor just called. They discussed the ‘case’ and they decided to wait and make NO procedure. He advised  to look for lipase and make two CT scans, one with and one without contrast material and see what shows up. MEGA F***! This means Vil is really in a shitty situation. He knows something is wrong and it will get very bad again, but he can do nothing than wait for the unavoidable to happen again and end up in the ICU, feel sick and vomit allover. AGAIN!]


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