Think positive & Life now:
“Tomorrow, today will be yesterday!”

More than 200 posts removed.
We cleaned up! It’s time for a new start, a new perspective and a new approach.

We deleted all posts on Facebook (forever), Twitter (not yet!) and we also archived more than 200 posts from the main blog. The posts are not completely deleted, but for the moment they are not available to the public. Allrite, we know that nothing once published can’t be deleted and that the internet remembers everything, but you get the point.

We removed these posts because we wouldn’t write them like this anymore, because they don’t reflect our actual state of mind and mood. These posts are still there and a part of our story, but we want to get rid of this sometimes quite negative, depressing, raw or even shocking content and we will re-re-write everything in a more positive way. We are sorry because sometimes emotions took over and we were quite angry and surely unfair and we deeply apologise for that.

Life is wonderful, TODAY!

We learned that life is too short to be wasted on anger, disappointments or just stupid things because life is beautiful and …

‘Tomorrow, today will be yesterday!’

There are so many people only living ‘tomorrow’ ….. when they buy a car, ….. when they go on holidays ….. when they will do something they could do today, but they just dream. They are alive, but they don’t have a real life, they live tomorrows dream.

Are you alive right now? Can you really appreciate ‘the moment’ or are you caught in your daily life with all the ‘I need to do this’ and ‘I can’t do that’?

We don’t complain anymore.

Ok, life is a bitch! We’ve hit rock bottom so many times, we lost everything we’ve ever worked for. Our car, job, house and family. Sometimes it was our own stupidity, some wrong decisions at the right time, sometimes just bad luck or a health issue and most of the times it was just a combination of all of them.

Now we are happy when the day is a good day. A good day is a day without pain or some other ‘complications’. A day who starts with hot coffee, a day with food, shelter and maybe some nice conversations.

Other than that, we don’t need much to be happy anymore.

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