We are so fu**ed!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful festive time, that you had the chance to be with family and friends and that you could feel the spirit of christmas.

For us christmas was a bit different, more a rollercoaster and in the moment it seems that we are heading with full speed against a wall.

All stated when our landlord in Raval went literally mental and threatened us. He was de-illusional and a danger to himself and others, so we needed to leave the room immediately.

Luckily we found a room in Badealona via Facebook very fast. The room was promised to be long time, but tonight (26.th December) the owner showed up and clarified that there is an eviction order and that he will proceed with it January 1.st. We were literally “fu**ed” again!

Now we urgently need a room in Barcelona Subway area. ASAP! We look for a room, whatever…….. We can pay a decent rent!

Please PM us.

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