Wherever we go, we need something to live in because we won’t be able to afford a hotel or even Airbnb. We need a place for all our belonging, our camping equipment, storage, clothing and finally a place to sleep. A cheap solution was needed, so Vil bough Victor, a 1991 VW-Polo,  for 150€, that’s around 200$, to transform him into our future home.


Victor was built in 1999, he has circa 100.000 miles (170.000km) on the clock and “extreme power” of 44KW / 60PS. Victor will be transformed into a complete camper with water, gas cooker, table, bed, storage, electricity, WiFi,……. and a place for me.

After this is done we will travel to Spain, visit exciting places, eat delicious food, meet interesting people and hopefully find a job for Vil before our money runs out.

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