Mail to the Agency

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I write this email fully aware of eventual legal consequences. First I want to summarize the situation and show my anger and then I will calm down and make you angry.
tl;dr -> You have access to a very dire resource , congratulations, and you use this situation to exploit the opportunity as good as it goes. There is a very high demand of affordable living in the Amsterdam Area, but very little supply, so nearly no availability.
You are quite successfully exploiting the situation, as your attitude shows. You use this situation to create a business model and a behavior which operates in (my not educated opinion) in a legally questionable area and I am virtually fuming about this.
Your behavior impacts my personal situation in a way which is NOT acceptable. I am not able to fulfill the rental contract, so I will move out end of April and as a consequence I have no place to live end of April.  I need to move to a hostel or a hotel to avoid being homeless, if I don’t  another solution first and that’s purely your responsibility.
Your inappropriate treatment of  customers, including harassment, personal insults, even illegal behavior or just plain not existing attitude from your side, led to the situation that my sub-tenants refuse to stay any longer as 30th of April, contractually was agreed on two years. This makes it impossible for me to fulfill the rental contract and causes me substantial financial damages and losses.
I paid all my bills in time. 1850 Euro deposit and rent for May on time when we moved in.  he rent for April is also 1850 Euro, which equals out with the deposit. So, first I will pay no rent for the month of April. I will squat the deposit to cover April’s rent and move out end of April.
You are responsible for this outcome and I want to make it very clear that I am not willing to accept such a behavior from an agency which only was only insistent in getting paid and nothing else, but left multiple requests of a detailed bill unanswered. You refused to do your job.
The detailed email conversation shows clearly that you have no idea how customer service works and that you escalated the whole situation from the beginning. As a professional in customer service and hospitality I can say that you surely fail any any metric in customer service standard and satisfaction, but you don’t need to because your actual business model doesn’t include this.
There is detailed and direct evidence of multiple breaches of code of conduct, attempt of indirect blackmail, multiple data confidentiality breaches, multiple accounts of miscommunication and straight lies. I am not quite sure if it is legal if I can use the Video and Audio recordings of your ‘inspection visit’ on my CCTV as evidence, but surely the complete email conversation with you is enough to prove my point.
I don’t want to go too much into any detail, because I might want to share this email. :).
To be totally clear!
I am considering legal actions against you and seeking compensation for breach of contract, damages and occurring expenses related to your illegal behavior.
All statements within this email, should there be legal consequences, are made by me and I take full responsibility.
I am very happy to state that I do have evidence and witnesses to prove most, if not even all, statements made.
You can minimize eventual damage by proposing any kind of solution. You are a agency, maybe you might have something nice available? Around 700 incl?
Final word ->
Hey Jellyfish,
Did you made nice pictures and wrote a pretty neatly written report for mommy? How does it feel to invade privacy and behave like a dick? Are the photo shots of my diarrhea good? Do you see all the particles? You have a pretty nice camera, I bet the watery brown stains on the toilet seat are impressing to look at. Are they in HD.
Come on, the way you earn money, you surely have the best equipment available. I wonder which other cleaning recommendations do you might have?  Did you find some white stains in my bed?
Congratulations you documented my digestion problems in HD.
Looking forward to your reply within the next two days.
No reply to this email will considered as consent to publicize this email.
Have a good week.
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