Spanish banks are a catastrophe, their service is no good, slow and they overcharge you for everything.

On Wednesday at 08:25 am Vil put a chèque into his bank account, he asked when the money will be available and was told “in two days”.

Now is Sunday, fucking FIVE days later, 12:15 and the money is still not available. The statement shows the money for days on his account, but it’s still not available.  And the best. For that shit service he needed to pay 3,75 Euro?!

Thank you Caixabank!


[Update] – The money was again NOT available the following Monday 09. Jan. at 12:00! They promise that the money will be available later today.

[Update II] – 21:30 The money is still NOT available.

[Update III] – The money was available after SIX days!

Caixa you suck!

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