This is Vil. Today I will write the BLOG entry because Indy is in a dog hotel and I volunteered to write a post. It’s my first post, so please forgive me my clumsy English.

Many things happened!

Good things first.

I am back from the nearly dead. 10 days hospital in Villadecans, bad hospital food, and many antibiotics, but in the end I am way better. Indy stays in a dog hotel. A dear friend of us arranged an emergency stay for Indy on short notice.

Thank you! Bisous.

And the really good thing:


  • I have a job!
  • But I still live in my car.
  • I applied for a NIE Number.
  • After that health insurance.
  • Now we can try to settle down in Barcelona.

But we need a place to stay…..

We already check:


Any other idea?

Today I visited a 9 square meter chamber for 470 Euro. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

Nothing more to say for now.


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