Now it’s official. Vil hit the jackpot!!!

We will move to Amsterdam Sunday morning. Everything is arranged, we go by plane, then a taxi and welcome new home. Goodbye Spain, from now on we will enjoy Dutch lifestyle.

To celebrate we invite you to our new place!

To visit contact us via

WhatsApp + 34 694 403 951

I am only five years old, but I already lived three countries. I was born in France, then we moved to Germany for a few weeks, now we have been a year Spain and next week I will add the Netherlands to my list.

Hmmm, I need to learn to bark Dutch and that’s a real challenge because they have sounds, I don’t know. Chhhrrrrhhhhhzz… That is just fantastic. How should I bark at the Dutch boys?

How is it to live in Holland? Naja, for the beginning we are sorted. Please see our fucking amazing temporary home in Amsterdam. For the next thirty days, we open our door to all our friends. If you are in Amsterdam, please feel free to visit us.

Here are a few pictures of our new home. Sunday at 18:00 we will sit on our terrace and have a drink on you all.

To visit, please contact us via

WhatsApp + 34 694 403 951

Cheesy Bark

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