You might have wondered why we posted a lot of ‘old’ content the last couple of days and the answer is: “We finished re-writing our old BLOG posts.” and now this site is up-to-date. Our old BLOG on is still active, but just as an archive and from now on we will post only on this site.

Our Status
If you want to know where we are and what’s going on, please click here to see our latest status updates! If you want to read our whole adventure from the beginning and in chronological order please click here.

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Nowadays there are so many new ways you can help and support a project like ours. A simple like on Facebook, for example, might not seem very much, but with the power of the internet, hundreds or thousands of Likes and Share are a real value which can make dreams come true. A Like or a Share on Facebook, a Follow on Instagram or Twitter and you are already a part of our dream.
Thank you very much.
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