“You touch my dog, you read her BLOG!”

“You touch my dog, you read her BLOG!”

11 May 2018 0 By IndyCa

Guess how many time a day someone asks to pets me? Especially children and adults with their small children approach us to pet me.

So please guess how many times? Ten times, twenty? Well, I would say around forty or even fifty times depending where we are around. Maybe even more.

“You touch my dog, you read her BLOG!”

Then we calculated this for a month and a year and when we go for twenty-five papers with a link per day, then we talk about big numbers. 25*365= 9125 contacts a year. If we are able to convert only ten percent would be around one thousand active followers a year.

OK, we might need to ramp up the numbers a bit: “Why not?” ūüėČ If we really focus on “contacts”, it shouldn’t be a problem to reach five hundred people a day.

These numbers show that there might be potential and it’s worth a try. Let’s dream and go for amazingly twenty percent response and like rate, we could “harvest” interesting numbers.

And now Vil found the most catchy opening sentence ever to collect likes and shares.

“You touch my dog, you read her BLOG!”

So, WELCOME Dear Reader,

We hope you will enjoy our stories, sit back and read. We promise everything is true and absolutely everything happened as posted.

A teaser is very important, so we will disclose a few things to happen on this BLOG: 

  • Vil will be arrested twice and strip-searched once!
  • I will nearly be kidnapped.
  • We will be homeless for a few months and sleep at the beach.
  • A gun will be pointed at Vil, luckily he¬†will not shot, but unfortunate stabbed.
  • We make really good friends, together we squat a house.¬†
  • We will live in France, Spain, The Netherlands and Germany.
  • Vil will work several jobs.¬†
  • Vil ends up in the ICU one day with dehydration, more dead than alive.
  • ‚Ķ and much more.

Sometimes I think I need to especially stress this fact because our stories sound too unbelievable to be true.

“You touch my dog,¬†you read her blog!

Please, like her on Facebook and share our stories.”

Please & Thank you.

Vil & Indy


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