Vil is seriously sick. ICU Villadecans.

Tonight, Vil woke up, dripping wet of sweat, an enormous headache feeling sick and in pain. He directly knew that he can’t wait any longer and need to seek medical attention immediately. With his last power and nearly unconscious he drove to the hospital in Villadecans.

He entered the building and asked the security guy for the doctor on duty. The security guy replied, “Are you ok sir, you don’t look very good?” Funny, he is in a hospital and asks for the doctor on duty. Well….. “Nope, I need a doctor. Please. Where Do I need to go?” The security guy jumped up, grabbed a rolling chair and told Vil to sit down.

“You sit down now and I will call a doctor for you immediately.” With this said, he ran to his phone, called someone in a very intense voice and just a few seconds later a doctor came running around the corner. Vil was a bit confused why they make such a stress because he is just a bit unwell.

They directly rolled him into an examination room and started to draw blood, measure everything possible and put him into a ‘chill blanket’, because his body temperature was through the roof and there was a real danger of clotting.

“We’ve got the results back and unfortunately we need to keep you here a few days because we need to check a few stuff and we can’t let you go now.”

That’s no good news because I am still waiting for Vil outside and I can’t stay here all day. Fortunately, there is Ana and she¬†will pick me up and bring me to a dog hotel.

I hope Vil get’s better soon.


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