Part ONE! – Vil, Victor and Indy on the road. A real story!

Part ONE! – Vil, Victor and Indy on the road. A real story!

22 Feb 2016 0 By IndyCa

This is Part ONE of my BLOG and I tell the real stories of “Victor, Indy & Vil on the road!”. Vil is my personal “Tin Opener Vil”. The stories are about finding a job abroad, working abroad, living abroad, paperwork abroad, troubles abroad. We write about all that stuff we experienced the last two years and how we finally ended up three countries and how we ended up six or seven jobs later in Amsterdam.


A teaser is very important, so we will disclose a few things to happen on this BLOG. 

Vil will be arrested … twice, strip-searched … once! Indy will nearly be kidnapped, we will be homeless for a few months and sleep at the beach. We will live in El Raval and Badalona. Vil will work several jobs. A gun will be pointed at Vil, luckily he will not shot, but unfortunate stabbed. We make really good friends, together we squat a house.  Vil ends up in the ICU one day with dehydration, more dead than alive, … and much more.”

And all this really happened.

This is the final rewrite of the real-time BLOG we wrote on WordPress.COM. On the original blog there are 400+ posts, mostly painstakingly swiped or typed on an iPhone 4, which was a very valuable companion on our journey. In the upcoming future we will rework the original posts, add content and make the content “fit for publishing”. While re-writing we will keep the original time stamps of all posts and you can see the timeline of events.


Part ONE: “Summer 2016 from Homeless to a job in Barcelona?!”

In summer 2016 Vil’s “planned life” blew up and there was nothing left in France, so we went to Germany, to fix all the paperwork and start new, but only to learn that there will be no real job and no future for us in Germany.

The fact that Vil was living not in Germany for more than 20 years makes it nearly impossible to consolidate all his social security payments. Despite the fact he was living all the time within the EU, he needs to deal with seven different social security systems, which is very time consuming and nearly impossible.

So no short fix there and they told him: “You are too old, too sick and no real German CV, so your chances are near to zero to find a job.” and this became the standard answer for all his efforts. They wanted to declare him a handicapped and put him on welfare until he reached retirement age. WTF?

Vil decided that this is NOT the country we can life for a longer time, so we went to the south to find our luck.

Part TWO: “A hot summer!”

Little money, but still somehow ok with the situation. Sleeping at the beach, looking for a job and the daily life in Barcelona.

A good time, but Vil nearly paid with his life, because in the end we had no money anymore and we couldn’t afford food and medicine at the same time.

Part THREE: Real Life in Barcelona? Somehow!

Then he made the impossible possible. He found a place for us and work. Despite the fact, it was a shit hole we lived in city center and we had a wonderful time and then all went down, because Vil lost his job and we ended up on the street. A very long and complicated story you will read in the blog. We literally slept in a Yoga Classroom for a few weeks.


Vil was offered a really nice and very well paid job in Amsterdam. All sounded like a dream. We relocated and then we had a really bad experience. Everything was screwed up and in the end, we nearly ended up on the streets again. It was an unpleasant example of “not fit in the system”.

Part FIVE: “SAFE!”

Finally, again the nearly impossible. Within hours Vil found a new job and by pure luck also a new place for us. Unreal.

Now we live in a really nice flat near to Vondelpark. The landlord believed in us and he offered us his home to stay in. Without deposit, you need to believe that. He is travelling the world, he liked our blog, our story and he decided to do something amazing. “Hey Geert, you are the best!”

Part SIX: Back on the phone!

Now Vil is working a “four-day ten-hour shift” on the phone answering customer requests and he feels quite happy in his new position. It’s not the high tech job he had before, now it’s a company with a different company culture and therefore he considers himself happy.

Part Seven: Back on the road!

We are back on the road and we have no idea where to go.

To be continued….3