[Sticky Post] – My name is Indy and this is my BLOG!

[Sticky Post] – My name is Indy and this is my BLOG!

20 Nov 2019 0 By IndyCa


I am a Labrador & Collie mix, I was born 02-10-2012 in France as Hindia. I was three months old when Vil, my “Tin-Opener”, rescued me from the animal shelter and now he is my best buddy in the world.

I am a totally relaxed dog, but I don’t play with balls or fetch the sticks. I prefer to run on the beach or cuddle on the sofa.

Vil is my best friend, my companion and I really like him. The first years we lived in a nice house in Bidache in the beautiful Basque Country, we had a garden, cats and a complete family and we planned to stay there for a long time, but in 2016 our life changed and from one day to the other, we needed to find a new life.

tl;dr – The Teaser

„We are a team and nothing will ever divide us, we belong together and every day is a part of our adventure.“

A teaser is very important, so we will disclose a few things to happen on this BLOG: We will live in France, Amsterdam, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Barcelona and Germany. Vil will be arrested … twice, strip-searched … once! Indy will nearly be kidnapped, we will be homeless for a few months, we will live in a tent for a long time, also we will have a good time and sleep at the beach. A gun will be pointed at Vil and we make really good friends, together we squat a house. Vil ends up in the ICU one day with dehydration, more dead than alive, Vil will score a well-paid job in Amsterdam, we will relocate to the Netherlands and all went terribly south when the company breached the contract.

All of this will happen … and much, much more.

If you want to know where we are and what’s going on, please click here to see our latest status updates! If you want to read our whole adventure from the beginning and in chronological order please click here.

Vil & Indy

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