Let the customer say: „YES!“

Let the customer say: „YES!“

24 Jun 2019 0 By IndyCa

While talking to the customer try to make him say „YES!“ as much as possible, but don’t use this too many times. Let him agree to all your actions. Keep him in the loop. Inform him of the (expected) outcome and always let him agree and say „YES!“

Read on and learn WHY!

Try to ask the questions in a way the client will most likely answer with “YES!”, this will put the client in a more positive mood and make him more likely say „YES!“ without recognising it.

Even if you are not able to solve the issue and the final outcome is somehow negative for the customer, he will remember you as a person, your approach and attitude more positive, because he agreed with „YES!“ to all your actions, he was involved in the process and won’t blame you so hard.

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Once the customer is used saying „YES!“ to you, it’s way more likely he will answer the last and most important question: „Did you receive a satisfying service?“ with „YES!“