Indy’s BLOG – Laptop dead!?

Indy’s BLOG – Laptop dead!?

11 May 2016 0 By IndyCa

[Update: “Who the fuck can like a post like this?”]

Tonight all was fine, we watched a movie and fell asleep. This morning then the laptop did nothing anymore. A

button press and no reaction. Vil opened and checked for any obvious signs of damage, but there was nothing.

The laptop is DEAD! Shit, because all important documents are stored on the hard disk. That’s no problem because Vil could use an external disk enclosure, but there is no computer to connect to.

And yesterday Vil bought internet for 15€ to check for job offers online, but now he can put the voucher into the bin.

A bad start today.

[Update: 21 screws later it figured out that the fan was blocked by some dark dust. A fast clean and the laptop is back alive. Funny, sometimes a blowjob is the best medicine. ?]