Indy’s BLOG – What’s wrong with Germany?

Indy’s BLOG – What’s wrong with Germany?

25 May 2016 0 By IndyCa

Well, it seem that to be friendly is a big issue for some people. They approach you and directly start shouting and complaining, without saying hello or something else.

What is wrong with this people?

For example we met one guy, who thinks that he owns the world. He is unfriendly, ignorant and a kind if a real jerk. He looks always grumpy, he never says hello and he gossips with the neighbors about shit.

He threatened us that he will call the police if we stay. Well, arsehole, GO FOR IT, we will come back!!!

Or some people just shout: “The dog needs to have a leash, it’s the law!” Yeah, I tell you what we need: “A muzzle for you, which makes you stop shouting.”

I just want to remind you that some laws are just stupid and sometimes it makes sense to think before obeying.