Indy’s BLOG – What was that? Excuse me please!?

Indy’s BLOG – What was that? Excuse me please!?

20 Apr 2017 0 By IndyCa

Sometimes life is like cinema, surreal and unpredictable. Today was one of these days, which confuses us more then we understand.

Vil went to work and the site leader introduced him to a colleague Vil never met before. He said that Vil might want to talk to her.

Vil went to a conference booth with her and she introduced herself ask a colleague from the other floor and that she was informed by the site leader that there is an ‘issue’ with the relocation. She claims that she already helped many by lending money for the deposit and that she offers her services to Vil.

Vil didn’t understood, he was confused and asked why she does that and what the conditions are. He apologized, but right now he couldn’t believe that this happens now.

Then something strange happened. She immediately revoked her offer. Vil didn’t understand again. Is that a game to humiliate him even more?

No idea why, but we think it’s legit to ask for someones intentions before accepting an offer.

Awkward, but more sad that hit Vil somehow and he has stomach problems now.