Indy’s BLOG – Vil finished the interview!

Indy’s BLOG – Vil finished the interview!

15 Feb 2017 0 By IndyCa

There is snow in Amsterdam. Vil saw a white, one-meter long patch of something like snow and nearly slipped on the frozen street.

Anyhow, Vil just finished the interview and he sounded quite positive, but our experience shows that we better not expect too much and stay calm until they decide. The nice girl from HR told Vil that the decision will be made maybe Friday already but for sure start next week.


Now we need to wait. AGAIN! I fri***ing hate it. We had that already and all the time the answer was: “We are impressed by your CV, but unfortunately you are too qualified and we don’t want to proceed with the hiring process”. PLEASE NOT THIS TIME!

They really grilled Vil during the interview. “Who are you?”, “What is your experience?”, “What is your attitude?”…… and, and, and. Then he was asked to explain a few technical terms like SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, ….. to a virtual audience of customers from all levels within a company. It was like explaining Skype to Vil’s mum a long time ago. ūüôā “Explain for the stupid and don’t use too many technical terms.” Not easy in the first place and¬†during the presentation one member of the audience disturbed Vil with unconnected questions and tried to insecure Vil, but Vil made it! ūüôā

Now Vil will go and visit a few places he visited when he was living in Amsterdam. Maybe Spuistraat and The Bulldog. Ok, The Bulldog is tourist stuff, but why not? Vil earned his fun today and he didn’t sleep for 36 hours, so he is a bit tired and needs a bit distracting.

MegaCrossClaws Bark and Hergottsachnochmal!

To be continued…….