Indy’s BLOG – The VW-Polo Camper. What’s already done!

Indy’s BLOG – The VW-Polo Camper. What’s already done!

22 Apr 2016 0 By IndyCa

Vil cleaned Victor and removed years of dust, all liquids and filters changed, all passenger seats in the front and the back removed, the smashed rear door replaced and the back windows taped with black duck-tape to give us a little privacy. Just a few steps more and we are ready to go.

Power is important and Vil installed a 12V battery to 5V USB and 220V converter to power his laptop. For the boom, we’ve got a 100W amplifier with AUX-IN for his phone. A RaspberryPI with WIFI and SSD storage is used to feed the iPod with music and movies during the long hours on the road. Also, a TomTom Navi will help us to “stay on track”.

Now we have shelter, a place to store our belongings, two big plastic water bags with 20-liter volume each, a camping gas stove, a thermal box to protect the food and Vil’s medicine. The bed is long enough for Vil and actually, it’s quite comfortable.

We don’t have much money to spend, so we went to ALDI and bought an enormous amount of food. Literally dozens of cans with potato, pee or bean soup, canned meat, canned salad, everything canned. Coffee, soft drinks, milk, cleaning stuff, sweets, my food, spices, bread and much more. Also, a little cooling box to chill drinks, fresh stuff, and Vil’s medicine.

Victor offers enough space to carry food for more than a month and we filled him up to the brim. Brave little car!

Please stay tuned for the next post.