Indy’s BLOG – The 300th Post – Time to celebrate!

Indy’s BLOG – The 300th Post – Time to celebrate!

14 Jan 2018 0 By IndyCa

Since my first post “Indy’s BLOG! – Vil, Victor and Indy on the road. A real story!” BY INDYTHEDOG ON FEBRUARY 22, 2016 we had an interesting journey, visited many countries. slept on the road and the beach, so many things happened and today I will publish the 300th post. I never thought that our journey will be so long and also I never expected to write so many posts, but with us, live always goes a different way than expected.


I am really happy about the feedback I received. Ay first I thought they are just polite, but now I start to believe that I can write. 🙂 Most of the readers really like the blog and they think our story is interesting. Ok, every dog thinks her life is the most exciting life in the world, but after receiving so much positive feedback it made me think, that there might be something to our story which makes the people curious and read.


You can believe me it was quite a bit of work to type all this with my paws. A mobile phone or a computer touchpad is not really made for dog usage. What started as a short note diary of our journey became a project we think might worth pursuing for our future.

Author statistics:

  • Brother-ONE   12,512 Words & 46 Posts Published
  • IndyTheDog    34,030 Words & 300 (plus) Posts Published

Estimating an average of 500 words to fit on one A4 page, we already wrote around 46k words / 500 = 82 DIN A4 pages and we are just starting to write content. 🙂 Not to forget all the unwritten stories and all the images. Plenty of stuff to add.


300 posts telling the story of the unconditional belief in a better future, even if the odds are bad. A story of not giving up and trying hard to survive.  This is the 300th post and I am a bit proud of what we experienced the last two years. We started from literally zero and after many ups and downs, we are now on a good way to build a foundation for a future life.

We want to use 2018 to rewrite and complete our BLOG. We want to write our story as encouragement for others not to give up, to tell that there is always a second chance, even if the world has only pain and dark colours for you in the moment. Maybe we can publish our story, we will see.

The journey is over!

For now, we call the Story of “Vil, Victor and Indy on the Road” as officially ended, BUT we will continue to write and report from our ‘new and boring’ life. Sure there will be the occasional roller coaster and that’s no biggie, because “Who wants to have a ‘boring’ life?”


We are thinking about “really” publishing our story and not only having a blog. Maybe I write a “road novel based on a true story” 🙂 or an audio book? I can imagine merchandise like “Indy’s preferred dog food” or a coffee mug with my picture. Who knows?!

I will try to find a publisher or someone to help me finishing, but whatever happens, I will continue to write and maybe some day we have success and if not, well, we tried. Positive thinking.

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