Indy’s BLOG – Rude wake up! (Again!)

Indy’s BLOG – Rude wake up! (Again!)

12 May 2018 0 By IndyCa

We came ‘home’ very late and this morning we’re woken up by a woman we don’t now, telling us we need to move: NOW!

“Excuse me, please. Who TF are you?”

“I am a friend of your landlady and I want to make sure you move.”

“Allrite. Well, I tell you what I will do. At first, I will get ducking dressed. Do you understand me? Then I will have a coffee and then start moving. I will go and get a van, come back, pick up my stuff and then leave That’s the way it will work and nothing else.”

“But we want the keys now.”

“Naaaaaa. Do you really think I trust you enough? After all? I don’t. I will get my stuff and when I have everything packed, then I will give you the keys.”

“Then we will get your stuff and throw it out on the floor.”

“Go for it. And the next thing I will do is reporting the landlady and the social worker to the police. She rents out for more than five years, the social worker is aware of that, around 25.000 euro fraud the last five years. That’s criminal. So you better think and consider what’s at stake. We have nothing to lose, but the social worker will because her behaviour could be considered as aiding a criminal,  which will cause serious problems for her. Again, be reasonable. We will get a van now and then pack our stuff.”

“When? You need to be out ……”

“No real idea, but as soon as possible. I will get then van now. See you later.”

We went to get a van from our good friends at No stress, we will move our stuff, easy!