Indy’s BLOG – Payday

Indy’s BLOG – Payday

29 Oct 2016 0 By IndyCa

Yesterday or to be more specific, this morning, ¬†Vil had an alcohol accident. ūüôā He came home from work, ¬†walked me and while doing so he checked his bank account and “quelle surprise” : PAYDAY!

So we went for a little bender which finished this morning around 0730. It started quite harmless, one beer and some food. After the meal the bartender offered a free shot and Vil decided to have a brown tequila with orange and cinnamon. You can’t stand on one leg, ¬†so he took another one and that was just the start.

While drinking until the pub closed at 03:00 I made contact with some nice people. Vil also enjoyed to have a chat and even more drinks. Well, that was not the end. We went ¬†“street drinking” and finally we ended up at a nice place with a fountain. No idea where. There we had a few six-packs and around 0700 Vil was very happy to walk home. In the beginning we had a little problem with the direction, because Vil was too shitfaced to read Google maps, so i took the lead and around 0730 we arrived at home.

Happy days.