Indy’s BLOG – Official Inspection

Indy’s BLOG – Official Inspection

24 Mar 2018 0 By IndyCa

The ‘official inspection’ is due 11:30 and nothing happens. 11:50 the telephone rings. It’s JellyMommy: “JellyHair is already standing for 20 minutes in front!” What? “Why he doesn’t ring? I am here……” The doorbell rings. I see the top of a head in the intercom. “I can’t open the door. You need to come down.” First time we have problems with the door opener. 🙂 Vil goes down to open the front door for JellyHairs.

Its a frosty welcome and first thing JellyHairs needs to say: “Bad communication. ”

We couldn’t agree more, but we planned to stay calm, avoid any conversationand get over with it as fast as possible.

He is exactly the type of person we expected. Not the tallest one, expensive clothing, nice watch, but no real style.

Anyhow, he carries a very expensive camera to document everything.