Indy’s BLOG – No Job in Germany!

Indy’s BLOG – No Job in Germany!

25 Feb 2016 0 By IndyCa

This morning Vil went to the employment office, to the health insurance and also to the job agencies to sort out his paperwork and to get back into the social system. No big deal, you might think, but when he went to the Job-Center he learned that it will be nearly impossible for Vil to get a job in Germany. The only help they can offer is an “application training” to learn to write his CV and how to behave within an interview. NOTHING useful!

No “German CV”

If someone asks, why a very experienced and highly skilled IT Support and Sales guy won’t find a job in Germany? Long story short. First, Vil has a unique CV which is not really compatible with German CV standards because, he worked all over Europe and changed his position quite often.

Sick, but not sick enough!

Second, Vil is chronically ill with Diabetes and this is a some kind of negative “mark” on his CV. Don’t us tell that Diabetes is no issue. Vil can work very hard and normally he is well, but sometimes the damage takes it’s toll and within minutes he start to feel sick and take quite strong medicine which makes him very sleepy and then he need to go home to recover. Unfortunately the sickness itself is confirmed and some status of handicapped status was acknowledged, but in this state Vil is not sick enough to retire or get any benefit, but also he is not healthy enough to compete on the job market.


Last, but not least, Vil already passed the “magic” age of 50 years. All of this combined lead his applications directly to the bin.


Now Vil is registered for welfare and he will receive a little financial monthly payment, but there is little to no hope for a job. Welfare itself is no fun and not even enough money to have decent food. Welfare means two week of decent life and then waiting for the next payment to arrive. At the end of the month a fresh apple becomes a delicacy.

Homeless soon?

No money left to save, therefore no way to find our own place. If we want to stay in Germany, we need to find a very cheap place to stay, very fast and with no deposit or we will be homeless soon.

Mission impossible!