Indy’s BLOG – Nearly Arrested

Indy’s BLOG – Nearly Arrested

1 Nov 2016 0 By IndyCa

This morning we came home around 0400 and before going to bed I wanted to have the last shit, so we went to the “doggy shit place”. There were still plenty of people on the street and I enjoyed myself until a guy grabbed my leash and pulled me away from the place. “What the fuck is going on here? Who is this dude and what does he want?” Panic, I started to bark and Vil recognized that something is wrong.

“Hurry up my friend, I am in big trouble here.” Vil needed a moment to locate me,  but then he was even faster then Ursain Bolt and he started to chase us. The creepy guy pulls even harder on my leash and I start to seriously freak out. There he is,  I am safe. “What are you doing with my dog?  Leave her alone.” The creepy guy stops and slowly turns around. He is drunk, he stinks and he looks like he wanted to make some trouble. “This is your dog?”, in Spanish. “Yes, fuck, and now give me the leash.” Vil tried to grab my leash but Ugly Guy didn’t want to let go. They both pull, I am barking and try to bite. Ugly guy tries to punch Vil in the face, but Vil’s reaction is way faster. He is on 1000 volts, pushed of adrenaline,  he ducks and places a straight slap on the ugly guy’s face.

It makes a funny sound when a nose breaks. Immediately the ugly guy is covered on blood and screaming. “I kill you.” Vil backs off,  but the ugly guy is running in Vil’s direction and that is not a very good idea, because Vil was prepared and finishes Ugly Guy with a straight punch in the face. Vil is normally very relaxed and tries to avoid any kind of confrontation, but this is a completely different situation.

At this moment two policemen show up and start to shout in Spanish. First, they handcuff Vil and then they check out ugly guy. They find him barely conscious and decide to call an ambulance. Vil was is placed in the back of the police car and they drive him away. One policeman stays with me until the veterinary emergency arrives to take care of me. The ambulance for Ugly guy arrives. He is still a bit deranged and moments later the vet emergency arrives as well and I am locked up in a dog transport box.

They drive Vil to a place station and there his identity is checked, Interpol questioned, photos made,  DNA and fingerprints were taken and a report needed to be written, but therefore a translator was needed,  because Vil speaks no Spanish, the policemen rudimentary English and the report itself would be in Spanish,  so it was a really good idea to wait for the translator and use his services.

Vil explained the situation using google translate on his phone and the policemen understood, but Ugly Guy is quite hurt and they need to write an official report. No way out. They need Vil’s statement and that needs to be in Spanish.

Three hours later Vil is finally free to leave the police station. The Veterinary Emergency people are really nice, they pick up Vil and give us a lift home.

All good now.

Good thing in the bad situation, that they didn’t frisk Vil or me. 🙂

A bit freaked out “WUFF”!