Indy’s BLOG – Meeting with the Site Leader

Indy’s BLOG – Meeting with the Site Leader

18 Apr 2017 0 By IndyCa

The situation in the moment spins out of control. The complete ‘relocation package’ is a hoax, we are broke, the food situation is more than critical and Vil runs out of medicine.

We don’t know how to continue. It’s a cynic situation. Vil is working for one of the biggest cloud companies in the world, he is supposed to earn more than enough money to have a wonderful life, but finally we are sitting in an overpriced guest house and there is literally nothing in the fridge anymore.

Vil went to the site leader and explained his situation, the problems with the relocation contract, the payment issue, his health status, his fear not to pass the probation time, his unsuccessful efforts to find someone to help him within HR, Legal and even upper management.

So he approached the sire leader today and asked for help. “Do you have a second? I need to talk with you about the relocation situation, I am in serious problems and I don’t know what to do anymore.” The site leader asks Vil to sit down. “What’s the issue?”

“As I already told you in Utrecht. The whole relocation is going south! I was informed that the relocation budget can’t be used for deposit payment and also I wasn’t paid my complete salary this month. I had to spend so much money on the wrong bookings for the hotel, that I am broke right now. I have no food anymore and even more worse, I still have no health insurance and can’t go to the doctor to get new medicine. I can’t even buy it at the pharmacy, because I am really broke.”

The site leader looks at Vil and asks: “Did you talk with you team lead about it?” Vil is a bit surprised that his team lead never informed the site leader, because Vil already told his team lead several times about the issues. “Yes, sure. I also contacted HR, EMEA Management, the relocation company, but everyone tells me that they are not responsible. I don’t know what to do anymore. I fear that I won’t pass the probation time, because I am aware that my performance is really impacted by the situation.”

“I understand and how can I help you now?”, he looks at Vil. “Well, first of all I need money today, because I have no Insulin anymore and the fridge is empty. I am hungry.” Vil is a bit embarrassed, but he doesn’t give a dime anymore. “And we need to sort out the payment and relocation situation, if there is no solution, I will no be able to make it anymore. Maybe I’ve misunderstood the relocation agreement, but we need to sort that out. I am not asking for any free stuff. Maybe we can arrange an immediate advance payment for me. That shouldn’t be an issue, because my payment next month is way more than needed and I can pay back everything in one go.”

The site lead looks at Vil and says: “That’s a very bad situation, I understand. I have no idea how I can help you. For the moment I can borrow you a few Euro to buy medicine and food.” He reaches to his pocket and passes one hundred Euro to Vil. “Here you go.” Vil is relieved, because we will have proper food tonight. “Grab yourself some fruit and go home, you really don’t look very good.”

“Thank you, that helps me for the moment, but what do we do about the relocation budget and my payment?”, Vil asked with a bit of concern.

“I will see what I can do for you, but you will go home now, because you look really sick.”

A retrospective note while re-writing this post: You guess what the site lead did for Vil? NOTHING!, he even asked the borrowed 100 Euro back immediately, when Vil came back to work. All efforts to contact someone to help, even someone who can decide was not successful. No one relied to his requests for support. They just ignored him and when a feedback came it was always the same: “We can’t decide. There are procedures in place. ….. Bla, bla, bla.”

You need to let that sit a moment and think about it. Vil was hired to be a trainer in one of the biggest companies in the world, with a payment of more money someone can need for life and he is still hungry and not able to pay for his medicine or food. Allrite, he might have misread or misunderstood the ‘relocation agreement’, but this can’t be the reason to let him die in public daylight.