Indy’s BLOG – Looking for an IT-Support or Sales-Job? Don’t look any further!

Indy’s BLOG – Looking for an IT-Support or Sales-Job? Don’t look any further!

7 Apr 2017 0 By IndyCa

Hello, do you have any idea about IT Support and/or Sales?

Well, lucky you!, because there’s a remarkable job opportunity waiting for you.

If you are interested to work in a fast paced environment which values your work read further…..


I won’t disclose the name of the company, because we want to get the referral bonus, but here are some facts about the job and company:

  • The company is one of the market leaders in their area
    • More then 100.000 employees
    • Billions of $ revenue per year
  • The company offers very good benefits which are way above “normal’ perks:
    • Relocation assistance and allowance.
    • Brand new mobile phone with company sim card. Vil got an Galaxy S6 Edge.
    • Brand new high end laptop and not the crap you find in call centers. Vil got an Lenovo Thinkpad YOGA260 with plenty of power under the hood.
    • Company credit card to cover expenses.
    • Subsidized commuting to work. Means free travel with Tram, Train and Bus.
    • Healthcare subsidy.
    • Very fair sick payment procedure. For example in Spain you have no payment at all, when you are sick, here they continue to pay 100%, because it’s not your fault when you are sick.
    • and more ….


  • Very good salary which is way above average.
  • Legal tax advise for 30% ruling.
  • Extensive 3 week new hire training
  • Location: AMSTERDAM

It’s NOT Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, Apple, Google or DELL….., but you surely know the name! It’s a really good opportunity for people which want to work in an interesting and sometimes challenging, but always “fun to work environment”.

For any further information, please contact us via PM, Email or WhatsApp.

WhatsApp : +31 621 481 672

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