Indy’s BLOG – Looking for a place to stay ASAP!

Indy’s BLOG – Looking for a place to stay ASAP!

30 Apr 2018 0 By IndyCa


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tl;dr – We need a place as soon as possible and if not, we will end up on the streets! Seriously!

Living with a dog is not easy, but the best thing ever!

You surely know it’s nearly impossible to find affordable living space in the Amsterdam Area and if you are (with) a dog it’s even harder.

We are urgently looking for a new place to stay somewhere in the Amsterdam commuting area and we are virtually ok with everything because otherwise, we will literally end up on the streets.

Who are we?

We are Indy and Vil. Indy is 7 years old and she barks French and English, she is a really relaxed Labrador and Border Collie Mix. This is her blog.

I am her “tin opener’s” and my name is Vil, I am German, speak English, French and very little Dutch. I work on the phone in Amsterdam Sloterdeijk.

We are both clean, well educated and bark very rarely. 🙂


Our dream would be a really nice flatshare with some friendly and happy mates because we like to share. We are ok with a room, a flat, a studio, a garage, a transporter van, an RV … or even a tent in your garden, you can be creative, it’s quite urgent.

We are ok with everything! We are ok with every duration, but we would prefer long-term with registration possible, but this is not mandatory

Seriously, when you are with a dog, it’s not easy to find a place, because most adverts on Facebook or Kamernet.NL, Facebook or Clawq refuse dogs. Facing this obstacle we are literally ok with everything, the place just needs to be affordable, dry and warm.

Really nice would be somewhere in the Amsterdam commuting area because Vil works in Sloterdeijk. He is ok to travel to work by train, Holland isn’t so big. 🙂


ASAP! We could literally move in today. Right now we are on standby and Monday we will run out of ideas. Vil needs to go to work. You could say it’s a little seriously urgent because we are somehow on the streets. We don’t carry much stuff with us. Just a few bags, the doggie food and that’s it. 🙂

We need a place as soon as possible and if not, we will end up on the streets! Seriously!

[UPDATE: We are on the road now, sleeping on sofas!]

Please contact us via phone, text or WhatsApp : +31 / 06 – 401 93 884


Please help us by sharing this post!

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