Indy’s BLOG – Leave as much damage as possible!

Indy’s BLOG – Leave as much damage as possible!

24 Apr 2018 0 By IndyCa

Alfred is gone, FINALLY!, but it wasn’t without a few final insults. We expected something to happen because he is the kind of character who needs to ‘win’ and he needs to have the last word. Allrite! Go for it.

Today he sends us an email and informed us that he corresponded directly with the agency and the landlord.

Well, what is that? All the time it’s our business to deal with the landlord and the agency and now? That’s just the last confirmation of his backstabbing intentions! ūüôā

Don’t worry mate, we’ve got you covered! Check out ->¬†

I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but it doesn’t matter anymore.¬†You are one of the worst opportunistic freeloaders of all time and we just ask you to consider …

(1) When you threaten someone you better be sure you know whom you are talking to!
(2) Google yourself from time to time, you will be unpleasantly surprised in the near future. ūüôā
(3) Guess how much nonsense someone could do with a copy of your passport.
(4) Guess how much damage someone could do with your BSN Number.
(5) Guess how much fun someone could have with the copies of your bills you left behind.

Come back from time to time and you will see yourself shouting and insulting everyone! You remember? We had a CCTV in the house! Naaaa,…… I don’t need to do this….¬†Or do I?