Indy’s BLOG – Last Day Squatting  – “Full programm…”

10 Feb 2017 0 By IndyCa

Well, this day was interesting. We were physically threatened, had the police in the house, made a official statement, packed all stuff and finally we are out of the house.

What would you do if three f*****ing gypsies standing in front of you and threatening you? I don’t want to be misunderstood, normally I am more then liberal and tolerant, I have absolutely no prejudices, but these guys where scum, the absolute worst and so we better left to avoid any stress or damage.

But we can’t accept something like this without any kind of response, so we called the police and they arrived within minutes. They told the “lying twat of owner” to open the door, so that we can pack the rest of our stuff in peace, but they told us that there is no way we can return into the house.

I never thought that we will move some day with a police escort. 🙂

Fortunately a very good friend lives nearby,  we carried all our stuff to the place and we can stay there on the floor for a couple of nights, but nothing for long time.