Indy’s BLOG – Jellyhair demands an “Official Inspection!”

Indy’s BLOG – Jellyhair demands an “Official Inspection!”

21 Mar 2018 0 By IndyCa

Dear Vil,

We had complains from the neighbors about the following points:

–          Smell of marijuana and smoke of cigarettes.

–          Construction noise

This worried the owner and we decided to plane an official inspection of the house.

Tomorrow we will inspect Dichtershof 51 in Weesp at 01:00 pm.

Please inform us if you are pressed.

Met vriendelijke groet,

with kind regards,


Housing Company


Hello JellyHair,

First I need to let you know that I am very surprised that you involved my employer in our conversation.

Please let me know why you did this? I am very upset and I am NOT willing to accept this.

As far as I am concerned this is illegal and a breach of privacy and confidentiality.

I will check and see if you are allowed to do this and think about appropriate actions.

If you have no valid reason or a good explanation, I see this as an attempt to ‘blackmail’ me and this is NOT acceptable.

Second: I am still waiting for the answers to my questions.

I think 10 days is enough to let me know what you did and what I need to pay.

I never said that I don’t want to pay, but you never explained me what I need to pay for

and several requests went unanswered.


Yes, there was construction noise somewhere in the Dichershof on Sunday, but it was NOT us.


Yes, we had guests and they smoked on the balcony, but NOT inside the flat as agreed in the contract and we adhere to it.


Hereby I let you know that you are NOT welcome in the flat and that I see any entry 

without my presence and consent as ‘illegal’ and I will inform the authorities.

You will understand that I am not willing to meet with you in my flat alone and that I want to arrange

a witness to be present to make sure nothing goes wrong.

You are welcome to arrange a meeting to a reasonable time, but NOT on such a short notice.

Bottom line: I see the ‘complaint’ and this email as attempt to pressure me and please be informed that

this was not successful. I also see the complaint as NO reason for you to enter my flat without

consent. You already granted a total stranger access to my flat without my knowledge once and this is enough!

I might be wrong in the understanding of the situation, but as far as I am concerned the complaint is no reason to

enter my flat without consent. If I am wrong please let me know the legal base of your actions,

Please let me know your answers and please stop making everything more complicated than needed.