Indy’s BLOG – Jackpot @ Kashmir Lounge!

Indy’s BLOG – Jackpot @ Kashmir Lounge!

9 Dec 2017 0 By IndyCa

Yesterday we, Roberta, Rossy, Vil and me, went to our favorite place “The Kashmir Lounge” in Amsterdam, Jan Pieter Heijestraat, and celebrated the anniversary with a huge party. Everyone was invited to share the moment, have a nice evening with friends, dance, drink and enjoy a bite of finger food. Good vibes all over, happy people enjoying the evening and celebrating a milestone in Amsterdam’s nightlife. I was invited too, because what is a party without “The Shop-Dog”? 🙂

20 Years Kashmir Lounge

The Kashmir Lounge is just a few meters down the road and we are “regulars”. I feel very welcome. I really like the staff, all of them are so nice to me and whenever I pop in for a “sniff and greet”, there is a cookie for me, even the lady who normally really fears dogs was smiling at me. NOICE-Bark!

The party was a huge success for everyone, especially the Kashmir Lounge. We had a wonderful time a happy and good night. Nice people dancing, chatting and laughing. I like to see the people in a good mood.

Ecstatic Dancing

Vil is standing in the corner and dancing ecstatically.

The Lottery

As a highlight, there was a small lottery and everyone present participated.

Third Price!

The third price was announced first. “White 84” said the guy on stage and  Vil checked his tickets, but he had no Luck. “Naaaa,…. Green 83…, that does not count!” We hear someone happy shouting and we have a first winner. A base cap, some chocolate a hoody and a little “surprise present” in an envelope. The crowd is applauding.

Second Price

Then the second price was announced and Vil drew again nothing, but the guy who won the third price shouted again “Winner!”. I barked to Vil: “No luck, so far?” Vil turned around. “Hey, you better wish us luck, if we win, we will have the best Christmas ever, if not, we will be totally broke by tomorrow.” The party continues with an announcement: “We will have a bit of music now, then draw the first price and see if we have a different winner then.” The crowd is cheering.

“Let’s go out and have a shit.!”, I barked, but Vil said: “NOPE! Not now, the first price will be announced soon and I don’t want to miss it.”, so I have to squeeze it for now.


The music stops. “Now it’s the moment all if you are waiting for. The first price.” The whole bar becomes silent and the big ticket is drawn. “We have a winning ticket, it’s white…..” Vil has some white tickets, but the light is not very good. “There is a small number on it………… And the winning number is …….. One Four Five…… one hundred forty-five white.” Vil checks his numbers …. “I do have a ticket with the right number, but I don’t know if the color is ok.”, he says. “Go to the stage and ask!”, I bark.

Vil is a bit shaky and walks through the crow to the stage. “I do have a ticket with 145, but I don’t know if the color is correct.” The guy on the stage invites Vil up on stage to show his ticket. “Let’s see if they fit.” It’s a tense moment, “…… WE HAVE A WINNER!” The crowd is ecstatic. Vil got the golden ticket and won tonight’s jackpot.

What’s the big price?

  • A basecap
  • A hoodie
  • A pack of chocolate
  • A mystery envelope with an undisclosed amount of money inside. !!!JACKPOT!!!

Vil was very happy to win the jackpot, but he was even more happy about the fact that he could share the moment with friends and people he loves. More dancing and party! 🙂

Later we went home, still happy and cheerful. This was a wonderful day, we really enjoyed the company and we had plenty of fun.