Indy’s BLOG – Interview with Vil de Mil.

Indy’s BLOG – Interview with Vil de Mil.

5 May 2016 0 By IndyCa

Having some tapas we got the chance to ask Vil a few questions.

Reporter: “Hello Vil, thank you for coming, it’s a pleasure having you with us!”

Vil: “Thank you for inviting me. It is my pleasure.”

Reporter: “Vil, tell us a bit about you and why you decided to ‘go on the road’ with Indy and Victor, but first the most important question: ‘Is Vil your real name?’”

Vil: “My name ‘Vil de Mil’ is not the name my parents gave me, but this is the name I use within the internet and while blogging. I am German and I worked for more then three decades in IT. I planned, designed, installed and administered, later also sold, huge computer networks, but unfortunately, this time is over now, because of several reasons. First I passed the ‘magic number’ of 50 years of age, which means that the industry considers me now as ‘too old’ for a job. Second I was not very lucky with my health and now I am not really sick, but sick enough to get in trouble with HR all the time, because I am off too many times. And lastly my CV is too ‘unusual’ for Germany, because I changed my jobs quite often, which is considered ‘unstable’ in Germany. They don’t see that I exactly did what the industry and politics demanded. I was flexible and willing to follow work, even if I needed to leave the country. Anyway, long story short. I am on welfare now with no perspective to find a job any time soon and instead of sleeping all day, playing console games and waiting for my monthly check to arrive I decided that I don’t want to rot in front of the telly and not accept this fate. So I bought Victor for small money and made him my base for the next days, weeks or even months.”

Reporter: “So you are still looking for work?”

Vil: “Yes, sure I am still looking for work and if the right job would pop up, I would seriously consider him. Actually, I am in Barcelona now and having plenty of interviews with recruiting agencies, temp job agencies, and companies HR directly.”

Reporter: “Any luck so far?”

Vil: “It is a slow process to find a job and the decision is not made directly after the application interview, so I have to wait for feedback.”

Reporter: “Let’s change the topic to something more positive. How are Victor and Indy?”

Vil: “They are both very happy. Indy enjoys the sun and the beach and when we drive she mostly sleeps, but at night she is awake and guarding us. There was already one situation Indy somehow saved us from trouble. Vil is a true working horse. He clocks the miles with no complaint. He is already a bit older, but for his age, he is definitively a young one.”

Reporter: “A dangerous situation? What happened?”

Vil: “We parked at the beach, Indy and I we went to the water to enjoy the waves. Victor doesn’t like water so much, so he stayed in the parking having a bit of sun. After a bit of time we came back to meet Victor and from distance, we saw a few shady looking guys approaching him.”

Reporter: “And then?”

Vil: “Indy got into ‘I am a dangerous dog mode’. Normally Indy is the nicest dog you can imagine, but in this moment Indy changes to a fighting machine with no fear from nothing. A little, but mean black bastard. She ran over to Victor and defended him until I arrived, but then the guys already ran away. It’s good to have her with me.”

Reporter: “What are your future plans?“

Vil: „I will continue to apply for jobs. I am not picky, so I would accept jobs all over Europe and until then I will try to have a good summer and not bother too much. Indy is happy to be on the road and Victor is ready to go even further.“ 

Reporter: “and what will happen if you find a job?”

Vil: “Then I would go to work from nine to five, but still stay somehow on the road. Maybe I buy me a small camper or an old and shabby transporter. For sure I won’t pay extraordinary rent anymore. I save the money and invest it in a bigger camper or something nice. No idea, yet!”

Reporter: „Thank you for your time and all the best for your future. Is there anything you would like to say for the end?“

Vil: „I want to thank you all our supporters, friends and followers and everyone who doesn’t follow us yet, please click here -> Donate Your Like! Thank you!”

[Update: Vil received an invitation for an account manager job. Face to face interview is on Monday.]