Indy’s BLOG – Interview with Victor

Indy’s BLOG – Interview with Victor

4 Jun 2016 0 By IndyCa

Hi Victor. It’s a pleasure to meet you.


How do you feel?

Super95! It’s fun to be in the road with Indy and Vil. I enjoy to eat the mile. Vil is a gentle driver. The last month we went two times to France and two times to Spain. Around 10.000 kilometer and all went absolutely fine. Although I need to say that I am a bit sorry for Indy and Vil, because I need gas and as is very expensive. I only drink super 95 and this is 1.40 euro a liter. Additionally I need around a liter 10W40 oil for every 1.000 kilometer. Not cheap I need to tell you. But Indy and Vil take it easy and we are a good teammates.

Sound like happy days.


Tell me a bit about you.

I am a VW Polo 6N1. My engine is a 60 horsepower powerhouse. ūüėČ Vil bought me for 250 euro. My former owner neglected me. My back window was broken and I got moist and the swamp everywhere. I was rotting in a garage for several months and Vil rescued me.

All my interior needed to be cleaned. The seats and covers removed and replaced. And finally I needed a door transplant. Luckily all went fine, although I lost back view, but Vil can compensate that easily. Now I feel fine. I am dry, my engine ticks like a clock and I am looking forward to reach 180.000 km soon.

Vil transformed me to a mini camper. I am not big on the outside, but I offer a bed for Vil and Indy, plenty of storage, can go long distances and when we stay I transform into a small and comfortable camper.

Here we can stay sun and rain and I will do my best to protect Vil and Indy.

Vil sponsored a 15 euro Bluetooth boom box, so we can have movies and podcasts with decent sound.
It’s real fun to be with my mates.

After the ordeal with my previous owner it’s a relief to have a mission again.¬†¬†
I am not the strongest car on the road, I am not fast,  I look a bit shabby but I carry all food and always reach my destination.

You sound too happy to be true. Is there anything you would like to change?

Well, there is no shower or toilet for Vil and the office space inside me is a bit limited. Other then that I am really happy.

What are your future plans?

I will have a complete service soon. All my liquids and filters needs to be changed. My tires and breaks are ok. I feel the 175.000 kilometer a bit, bit I have no doubt that I will reach my 200.000 kilometer birthday soon and then we go for the 300K mark.

Victor, it was a real pleasure to meet you  is there anything you want to say to our readership, friends and followers?

Yes. Please donate your like and follow our journey.


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